What are the five steps to self-motivation?

What are the five steps to self-motivation?


Can a car run without fuel? Can you use a discharge mobile? Can you buy something without money? Can you fill from the stomach without food? Can you win someone's heart without loving him/her? Can you help someone, without the intent to help?
Well, the answer to all the above question is 'NO'. Likewise, you can't do anything without self-motivation; it is your power to take action.

When negative emotions like insecurity, jealousy, hatred, irritation, criticism, hurt, rejection, and many more surround you; not able to even, think, to do anything. Lower emotions drain out your energy at all level; eventually, you give up.

You need to plug-in with positive self-talk; charge your body, mind & soul with positivity. The positive, happy and secure account is required to take action. But now the question arises; how to charge yourself?

Well, Words are human charger; they have the power to make or break us.
Imagine, when someone criticises you, or you criticise yourself, your energy goes down, you feel bad and demotivated; but when someone appreciates you, or you appreciate yourself, your power goes up, you feel competent and motivated. Words and our energy has a deep connection.

Our thoughts have a significant impact on our life. Either we create or adopt beliefs. We are what, we think and believe. So, we need to understand the power of thoughts to motivate ourself. A thought is a group of words; it's abstract in nature, we cannot see it; only can feel it. It means thoughts are responsible for our feelings. We need to understand the connection between our mind, heart and body. What we think and feel, influence our behaviour.

Let's take an example; you have an important meeting, you know that meeting is crucial for you, but even, you do not want to take action; why? Maybe you are afraid of criticism, failure, rejection, or you are tired or sad or don't need it. If any of these cases, only negative or anxious thoughts come into your mind, and those thoughts lead to lower emotions, you feel demotivated and eventually, you don't want to join that meeting.

This example indicates, your negative internal dialogues are responsible for your demotivation.

So, for self-motivation follow these incredible steps and enjoy a beautiful life:

1. Find your calling: You need to find what excites you and gives you happiness. You feel selfmotivated for all those things which you like and want to achieve in your life. You need to find those triggers which lit a fire in you and let you keep you going. It can be anything like money, fame, respect, an act of kindness, favouring someone, security or so on. After finding your true inner calling, you feel motivated.

2. Charge yourself: Plug-in yourself with positive self-talk, praise yourself, have a look at your strength and tell yourself a positive and realistic side of life. Be grateful for your life. It will boost your energy, and your happiness quotient will be high. Extreme positive emotions prepare you for action. Sometimes, intense negative emotion hurt your self- respect and you experience negative motivation and achieve remarkable success in life, but it happens in a few cases.

3. Focus on good: See good; hear good; do good. What we see, hear, smell, touch, say, read and do everything goes into mind; decides our mental states. It is as raw material for our thoughts; we create thoughts based upon that data which we collect through our senses. So raw material is important, if you insert the wrong content, you get incorrect output. Be careful, insert only that; which, you want as an output.

4. Be a watchman: You need to check thoughts regularly. The mind likes to play games with you. It often wanders; it's like an unfaithful lover. It cannot stick to a present moment for a longer time. It travels among past, present and future. It would be best if you kept watching your thoughts because it can go and stick to a past negative and depressing event, or it can stick to any worry. So be mindful, Mindfulness is a beautiful art of living and enjoying the present moment.

5. Triple AAA magic: Awareness; Acceptance; Action, this magical formula can wonder in your life. Be aware of your energy level/thoughts and accept your lower emotions or reasons of demotivation and then, take corrective action, to remotivate yourself. It's is like, your mobile battery is about to die and suddenly, you plug-in mobile charger and charge it again. 

If you follow these excellent step, you feel an everready motivational state of mind. Keep in mind that external motivation dies soon, but internal motivation is long-lasting. External motivation is like a balloon which is empty inside and can burst anytime, but internal motivation is like a rock which is solid from inside and helps you to stay motivated.