Why Self Love is Important?

Why Self Love is Important?

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Topic- Broke-up with someone? It's time to Catch-up, thyself.

As human cannot survive without breath; likewise, love cannot survive without trust. Love is a beautiful feeling; we live this feeling inside us.

We give birth to love, and we kill.

To make any relationship perfect: love, understanding, care, respect, freedom, truthfulness, expression, sympathy, appreciation etc. are the essential ingredient, but the most important ingredient is "EMPATHY". It's a beautiful art of acceptance of people.

People often say..." I LOVE YOU ", but they didn't mean it because it's conditional. There is a hidden star in it followed by a long list of conditions; if you fulfil all the terms, then only you will get my love; otherwise, you know better...

If you genuinely someone; say..."I ACCEPT YOU" because when you accept someone, you accept their flaws also and you expect less from them and accept them more. Expectations kill the relationship. A relationship can survive only on the policy "LIVE & LET LIVE". True love should base upon accepting someone's both side. There is nothing black and white in life; everything is grey. Similarly; nobody is entirely good or bad; they are a mixture of good and bad qualities.

Let's take an example of roses; it's a beautiful flower with a mesmerising smell. It's also called a symbol of love. In valentine week, roses demands go high, people exchange roses and express their love; but have you ever noticed roses, it also has thorns, but you ignore thorns. You only see the beauty and the smell.

Imagine for a moment; if you focus on thorns of roses, you won't be able to like it. Every good thing comes with some bad features. It's like a package in which you get many things; some are extraordinary, some good and some bad too. Most importantly, you have to accept the package without any change.

"Love at first sight & Break-up at first fight." It is the latest trend in the relationship.

Gone are the days, when people used to think that relationship is not only for this life; rather it's for seven lives. People were happy with the goodness and shortcomings of their partner and lived a long, happy life with their partner.

But now people have changed, they want a perfect person. They forget, "How can an imperfect person demand a perfect one?" They need to understand that even they are not perfect.

Nowadays, nobody is interested in problem-solving, they want to tell other people their mistakes. People focus on the problem and like to play blame-game. When they get bored of blame-game, they quit the relationship and move on to another person.

Again repeat the same mistake many times and but they never try to understand their area-of-improvement. They fail to understand; they need to shift the focus. Don't focus on another person too much; first, focus on self and fall-in-love with thyself?

You cannot love someone else unless you love and value thyself. You chase other people for those qualities which you lack in you. You think this person can cover your flaws, but at the same time, you forget your partner's individualness. No person can live their life as per other's choice. Even you can't. So, leave expectations from others because you can't also fulfil all of your expectations.

Self-love is most important to love someone else...

SELFISH is the best word for self-love.

S: 'SEARCH', dig deep inside your heart and know what you want in any relationship, make a list of that and start working upon those desires/ expectations because first, you need to give to something to receive something in return. First, make yourself a giver. Give understanding, care, freedom etc. and so on.....and gain it back and enjoy.

E: 'EMPATHY', if you want to be accepted by others, then learn to accept others first. Keep in mind; Empathy has no filter in the acceptance process.

L: 'LOVE' yourself, and don't fake your persona, show the other person your real face, whether they like it or not. People value only original things in the long run; duplicate attributes fade soon.

F: 'FAITH' is the most important for self-love. If you cannot trust yourself, you always need someone for reassurance. You become attention, seeker and dependent. Never chase someone all the time, have faith in yourself, do your best.

I: 'IMPROVEMENT' is essential. Often focus on your area of improvement. Upgrade your skills and qualities. Remember, if you don't upgrade yourself, you degrade yourself. Accept your mistakes and never repeat the same mistake.

S: 'SILENCE' is powerful. Spend time with yourself in silence; it helps you to connect within. You can also practice meditation. SILENCE is the best answer to almost every NOISE. Learn this beautiful art to nourish yours

H: 'HUMILITY' makes you powerful. If you add this wonderful quality in your personality, you can win anyone. This unique quality is capable of fighting with others ego, arrogance, disagreements, anger and misconduct. Don't leave your best for someone.

So, be SELFISH and enjoy life...

Accept more, Expect less...

Enjoy! A happy relationship with self & others.