Anxiety Disorder Treatment In Meerut

• Anxiety is the body’s physical response to fear. 
• The symptoms of anxiety might include: racing heart, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, ‘burst’ of energy. 
• Everyone feels anxious at times, and a certain level of anxiety is normal but after a certain level it is dangerous for our physical and mental health. 
• Many conditions or events in peoples' lives can contribute to anxiety disorders and it is often a combination of factors. In some cases there are genetic tendencies towards anxiety or an underlying brain disease. In other cases, environmental stress is a factor such as work pressure, exam pressure, result pressure etc. 
• Counselling and therapy is an effective solution of Anxiety. 
• All psychological problems arise due to our thought process and there is no medicine which can change our thought process. Thought process can be changed by Counselling and Therapy. 
• Through counselling and therapy we can manage our thought process and boost our mood. 
• Dr. Kashika Jain is an expert in this field and she is known as “Best Counsellor for Anxiety” and “Best Psychologist for Anxiety”