Therapy Services

• Dr Kashika Jain treats Psychological issue with the help of following therapies

- Hypno Therapy 
- Dance Movement Therapy 
- Music Therapy 
- Bowl Therapy 
- Bell Therapy 
- Mud Therapy
- Steam Therapy 
- Salt Therapy 
- Alpha, Beta & Theta Therapy 
- Psycho Therapy 
- Nurolinguistic Therapy

• These therapies are very effective for all the psychological issues like depression, anxiety, relationship solution, child bonding, insomnia, Dementia, mania, husband wife relationship, phobia, addiction, stress, OCD, bipolar disorder, Adhd, Schizophrenia, anger, weight loss etc. 
• All psychological problems arise due to our thought process and there is no medicine which can change our thought process. Thought process can be changed by Therapy & Counselling. 
• Through therapy & counselling we can manage our thought process and boost our mood. 
• Dr. Kashika Jain is an expert in this field and she is known as “Best Counsellor” and “Best Psychologist”